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The final colour in our Evo Mood rang is ZARA A purple berry perfection that warms up to uncover a sapphire ! Don’t forget this and all the Evo Mood Colours will vary depending on your body temperature whether you’re enjoying a delicious hot coffee or a melting ice cream Available from 19 September

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Evo Mood Colour 4 is KESHIA A fiery citrus exuberance that easily melts to cherry blossom blushing Changing colour depending on heat and cold – hold that cup of something hot or devour an ice cream in the warm sunshine… Available from 19 September

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Our third fabulous Evo Mood Colour is KIMBERLEY An exquisiteness like a rare red wine colour that heats up to dark lavender wilderness Hug a steaming cup of coffee or enjoy a delicious ice lolly to experience your Evo Mood Colour change Available from 19 September

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Our second Evo Mood colour is GUSTI A stunning colour that changes from Pillar Box Passion to Orange Ecstasy ! Don’t forget, the colour change depends on your temperature  – whether you’re warming up with a latte or cooling down with a ice cream Available for purchase from 19 September  

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Introducing the first of the NEW Evo Mood Colours – CHERIE A deep velvety violet shade that, when warmed up, reveals a soft candy pink ! A nail colour that changes like the weather… literally These colours will vary depending on your body temperature, so hug a steaming cup of coffee or sip on that luscious ice […]

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