DD #1
  1. Select four Colour Gels from the appointed colour combination.
  2. Apply a Bio Sculpture Gel Base layer. Cure.
  3. Apply two layers of each of three different Colour Gels onto three different areas of the nail. Cure between the layers of each colour.
  4. Draw lines between the different colour sections with the tip of the Upper Arch Brush, using the fourth Colour Gel and cure.
  5. Use the Dotting Tool/Upper Arch Brush to create dots with the fourth colour on the middle section. Cure.
  6. Apply a layer of no. 209 Colour Gel over the biggest of the three colour sections and cure.
  7. Apply the appropriate Strengthening Gel and cure.
  8. Nail Cleanse and refine
  9. Apply Gloss Gel for shine and cure.