Carnival 7
  1. Apply Base layer and cure.
  2. Draw a diagonal line with #173 using an Upper Arch Brush at the cuticle side. Apply two layers of #173, curing each layer.
  3. Draw a diagonal line of #175 forming a triangular shape [smallest section]. Apply two layers of #175, curing each layer.
  4. Apply two layers of #172 covering the remaining, bigger section of the nail, curing each layer.
  5. Place dots of #1 along the diagonal lines using a Dotting Tool. Cure.
  6. Apply Soft Gel along the lines of the 3 joining colours with a size 6 brush. Do not cure.
  7. Wet an Upper Arch Brush with Soft Gel before dipping it into flat glitter. Place glitter onto wet gel described in step 6. Cure.
  8. Seal with a strengthening layer and cure.
  9. Dual Cleanse and buff until smooth.
  10. Apply Gloss Gel and cure.