Carnival 6
  1. Apply Base Gel and cure.
  2. Apply two layers of #175 over the entire nail, curing each layer.
  3. Apply Soft Gel on the area diagonally across nail where art is to be applied. Do not cure yet.
  4. Wet a size 4 or 6 brush with Soft Gel, dip into glitter and dab onto the nail surface. [Repeat with different colour glitters]. Cure.
  5. Apply Soft Gel across the nail at the base of the diagonal glitter line. Do not cure.
  6. Pick up and place hexagon into wet gel, using a wet Metal Pick. Cure.
  7. Seal with strengthening layer and cure.
  8. Wipe with Dual Cleanse and buff until dull.
  9. Apply Gloss Gel and cure.