DD #6
  1. Select five contrasting Colour Gels from the appointed colour combination.
  2. Apply a Bio Sculpture Gel Base layer. Cure.
  3. Divide the nail surface with a slanted line, using the first Colour Gel and upper Arch Brush. Cure.
  4. Fill one side of the nail with two layers of the first Colour Gel. Cure each layer.
  5. Draw and fill a big square on the side with the second Colour Gel and the Upper Arch/Art Brush. Cure.
  6. Create a smaller square with the third Colour Gel, overlapping the first square. Cure.
  7. Draw an even smaller square with the fourth Colour Gel overlapping the first. Cure.
  8. Draw a straight line with the fifth Colour Gel using the Upper Arch Brush on the area covered with the first Colour Gel. Cure.
  9. Apply the appropriate Strengthening Gel and cure.
  10. Nail Cleanse and refine.
  11. Apply Gloss Gel and cure.