Folk 10
  1. Apply Base Gel layer and cure
  2. Apply 2 layers of #183 and cure each layer
  3. Create 3 circular shapes extending from side wall of nail with #1 and Upper Arch /Nail Art Brush. Cure
  4. Follow with Soft Gel. Do not cure
  5. Place alternating colour dots of #180 and #181 along line of circular art using dotting tool. Do not cure
  6. Use tip of Upper Arch/Nail Art Brush to drag through centre of wet colour dots, creating ‘chain of hearts’ effect. Cure
  7. Line each of the ‘chain of hearts’ using #138 and Upper Arch Brush. Cure
  8. Apply Strengthening Gel to seal art. Cure
  9. Wipe with Dual Cleanse & refine
  10. Apply Gloss Gel. Cure
  11. Wipe with Dual Cleanse