Happy Hippie 11
  1. Apply Base Gel. Cure.
  2. Apply 2 layers of #1 and cure each layer.
  3. Follow with grip layer of Soft Gel. Cure.
  4. Wipe with Dual Cleanse to remove sticky residue.
  5. Draw 2 separate squares on top half of nail with #98 using Upper Arch Brush. Cure.
  6. Outline square pattern with #2017 using tip of Upper Arch Brush. Cure.
  7. Create the word ‘LOVE’ using tip of Upper Arch Brush dipped into #2017. Cure.
  8. Draw 2 separate lines, meeting in centre with #138 using tip of Upper Arch Brush. Cure.
  9. Draw 2 separate lines from side of nail with #195 using Nail Art Brush. Cure.
  10. Place 2 dots of #2017 to middle of each pink #195 line. Do not cure.
  11. Place smaller dots to the centre of previously placed #2017 dot with #138. Cure.
  12. Place a large dot in middle of nail with #195 using Dotting Tool/Metal Pick. Cure.
  13. Use tip of Upper Arch Brush, dipped into #2017 to create the letter ‘W’. Cure.
  14. Follow with Soft gel. Do not cure.
  15. Place 4 gems on wet Gel layer using tip of Metal Pick, dipped into Soft Gel. Cure.
  16. Apply Strengthening Gel to seal art. Cure.
  17. Wipe with Dual Cleanse and refine.
  18. Apply Gloss Gel. Cure.