Happy Hippie 3
  1. Apply Base Gel. Cure.
  2. Apply 2 layers of #194 and cure each layer.
  3. Follow with a grip layer of Soft Gel. Do not cure.
  4. Place swirls/lines of #195, #196, #197, #198 and #2017 using tip of Nail Art Brush/Upper Arch Brush. Do not cure.
  5. Dip tip of Upper Arch Brush in Soft Gel and design swirls in the wet Gel.
  6. Repeat until the desired effect is achieved. Cure.
  7. Place dots with #2017 using Dotting Tool/Upper Arch Brush/Metal Pick. Cure.
  8. Apply Strengthening Gel to seal art. Cure.
  9. Wipe with Dual Cleanse and refine.
  10. Apply Gloss Gel. Cure.