Romantic Gothic 1

Select glitter and two Bio Gel Colours from the appointed colour combination.

  1. Apply a Base Gel layer and cure.
  2. Apply two layers of a light Colour Gel, curing each layer.
  3. Follow with a grip layer of Soft Gel. Cure and Dual Cleanse.
  4. Paint butterflies with an Upper Arch Brush/Art Brush and dark Colour Gel. Cure.
  5. Highlight where necessary using the light Colour Gel and cure.
  6. Dual Cleanse to remove the sticky residue.
  7. Add a droplet of Soft Gel to the glitter and mix it into a paste.
  8. Use a rounded Gel Brush, apply the glitter paste onto the cuticle area of the nail. Do not cure.
  9. Carefully blend the glitter paste using the tip of the Gel Brush until the desired Ombre effect is achieved. Cure.
  10. Brush off excess glitter using a Nail Brush.
  11. Apply the appropriate Strengthening Gel to seal the art. Cure.
  12. Dual Cleanse and refine.
  13. Apply Gloss Gel and cure.