Romantic Gothic 4

Select gems and two Bio Gel Colours from the appointed colour combination.

  1. Apply a Base Gel layer and cure.
  2. Apply two layers of a light Colour Gel, curing each layer.
  3. Follow with a grip layer of Soft Gel. Cure. Dual Cleanse.
  4. Draw fine lines with a dark Colour Gel to create a lace pattern, using an Upper Arch Brush. Cure.
  5. Dot down Soft Gel where gems are required. Do not cure.
  6. Place gems on the Soft Gel and cure.
  7. Add detail with dots, applied with a Dotting Tool and the dark Colour Gel. Cure.
  8. Apply the appropriate Strengthening Gel and cure.
  9. Dual Cleanse and refine.
  10. Apply Gloss Gel