Carnival Collection

Carnival 11

  1. Apply Base Gel, cure
  2. Apply a layer of #173 covering the largest part of nail [leaving a curved corner of the nail] and cure.
  3. Apply the second layer of #173 but before curing, pick up a tiny bit of glitter with the point of the Gel brush and touch down onto the wet Gel. Cure.
  4. Apply two layers of #174 onto the smaller section, curing each layer.
  5. Use the Art/Upper Arch Brush to outline sections – apply #2017 with the Upper Arch Brush and cure.
  6. Place the three gems into droplets of Soft Gel and cure.
  7. Seal with Strengthening Gel, cure.
  8. Apply Gloss Gel and cure

Carnival 12

  1. Apply Base Gel and cure.
  2. Apply two layers of #174, curing each layer.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Soft Gel, do not cure yet.
  4. Place a circle of 4 big dots of #1 using a Dotting Tool.
  5. Add smaller blue dots of #175 into the centre of each white dot. Do not cure.
  6. Draw outward strokes from the centre of each white dot using the tip of the Upper Arch Brush. Cure.
  7. Place smaller white dots in between the previously placed dots completing the circle. Add smaller silver dots of #138 into the centre of each white dot. Do not cure.
  8. Now draw outward strokes diagonally as in step 5 and cure.
  9. Place 6 small white dots around the centre of nail plate with a smaller dot of #2017 on top of each. Cure.
  10. Apply a droplet of Soft Gel to the centre of the nail and place a diamante gem between the dots. Cure
  11. Seal the entire nail using Soft Gel.
  12. Apply Gloss Gel and cure.