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Treatments incl. ETHOS

ETHOS – Mirror Top Coat 14ml

MIRROR TOP COAT is a smooth and silky nail polish finish which has a plumping effect to increase the brilliancy of nail colour. Our new Ethos Mirror Top Coat resists scratching, is long lasting and has a high gloss mirror-like shine

ETHOS – OxyCoat 14ml

ETHOS OXYCOAT is a nourishing base coat with antioxidant properties. OxyCoat protects natural healthy nails and assists with regeneration of nail cells, while botanicals revitalise the nails to keep them healthy. Suitable for most nails, use OxyCoat as a base coat and a top coat, to achieve a “breathable” overlay. A thin brush width may be applied under gel overlay.

ETHOS – Lavender Base 14ml

ETHOS boasts the improved LAVENDER BASE. Aimed to enrich weak and damaged nails, it is developed with Rosemary Leaf Extract known for its soothing properties. This lovely pale pink shade contains carefully selected oils and ingredients which assist to treat and restore sensitive nails. For use as a nail polish base and popular as a Lavender Base Treatment for damaged nails, two coats as a nourishing treatment also provide beautiful soft nail colour. A thin brush width may also be applied to the centre of the nail before a gel overlay.

ETHOS – Seaweed Calcium Base 14ml

ETHOS SEAWEED CALCIUM BASE promotes Flexibility and Suppleness to hard, dry and brittle nails. Derived from Red Alga Seaweed Extract, it contains essential trace elements such as Magnesium and Zinc that assist to strengthen the keratin structures of the nail to increase flexibility and restore suppleness to brittle nails. It is ideal as a nail ridge filler, with natural inorganic fillers, Silica and Mica leaving a smooth nail surface. For use on natural nails as a base or two coats on ridged nails for a smoothing treatment with a beautiful soft colour finish. A thin brush width may be applied under gel overlays.

ETHOS – Volcanic Base 14ml

ETHOS VOLCANIC BASE is a nail hardener enriched by Volcanic Stone Extract to give strength to soft nails. Rich in Pistachio Oil, known to increase nail hardness as well as flexibility, it is ideal for soft nails which are weak and brittle, inclined to splitting. For use as a base coat on natural nails or a thin brush width to the centre of the nail, as treatment before gel application.

ETHOS – Vitamin Dose 14ml

ETHOS boasts an improved formula of Vitamin Dose for ALL NAIL TYPES. A combination of vitamins are delivered to nailbed cells for rejuvenation, moisturising and nourishment. Ginseng Root Extract from the vitamin B-group and other B-vitamins are considered essential to sustain the keratin structure and cell metabolism of the nail. Applied with a tiny dropper for easy application and cleanliness. Used during and after nail polish or gel treatments as well as gel removal, as instructed. Vitamin Dose may display tiny solid particles.

ETHOS – Almond Oil 14ml

ETHOS ALMOND OIL infused with Almond Extract, is ideal for use on dry cuticles and can also be used during gel removal, leaving the nail in great condition. Contains Almond, Jojoba, Avocado oils and Vitamin E oil, to re-hydrate nails during removal and keep cuticles supple. Easily and hygienically applied with the new tiny dropper. Apply to dry cuticles and massage well, to re-hydrate surrounding skin.

ETHOS – Kiwi Scrub 14ml

ETHOS KIWI SCRUB is a special scrub with Kiwi aroma, which may assist with the removal of dead nail cells. KIWI SCRUB contains Passion Fruit Seed Powder, designed to exfoliate dry and rough nail surfaces. In addition to Vitamin C and E, it also contains Ginseng Root Extract, Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil which will moisturise and hydrate nails. Use on all nail types during nail preparation. Apply to nails and cuticles to revitalise after polish removal or gel removal.



Oxy-gain is a revolutionary product with a special formula that will help replenish the levels of oxygen in the natural nail. The moisturising and nourishing properties of the Camellia oil will help to fortify and strengthen natural nails. The active ingredient Acetyl methionine will harden natural nails but increase their resistance to chipping and flaking.


for THIN and DULL nails

Protein Base is a formulation of active Arginine and Hydrolyzed Keratin in biodegradable particles for easy absorption to fortify nails. Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E and Lecithin reduced to micro size will increase penetration to create healthy, smooth and shiny nails.

Executive Base

Available in 10ml

  • A nail strengthener that contains derivatives of amino-acids. These are necessary to build up keratin, which in turn strengthens the nails
  • Executive Base is Toluene and Formaldehyde free
  • Salon use: It is best used as a base coat under nail polish

Top Coat

Available in 10ml

  • It is ideal for home care use between appointments to give a high shine
  • Top Coat is Toluene, DBP, Camphor and Formaldehyde free
  • Salon use: Apply Top Coat after a second coat of nail polish

Cuticle Remover

Available in 10ml & 50ml

  • Used to soften and lift stubborn skin on nail and around the cuticle area.
  • Cuticle removal will ensure proper nail polish and gel application
  • Salon use: Apply Cuticle Remover to clean nails and wait 1 minute. Use Metal Tool to gently push cuticles back and away from nail plate

Cuticle Conditioner

Available in 10ml & 50ml

  • An intense, conditioning treatment for nails and cuticles both in salon or for clients at home.
  • Salon use: Use during manicure prep or massage into fingertips before gel treatment. Heat and pressure will cause the Jojoba beads to burst and release moisture into the nail plate

Cuticle Cream

Available in 20ml

  • Contains essential oils to improve, nourish and soften the cuticles and skin around the nails
  • Nourishes dry and brittle nails
  • Helps to prevent cracking of cuticles, skin and nails
  • Salon use: Good to use to protect cuticles when soaking off gel. Great retail item

Hand Cream

Available in 100ml & 500ml

  • A moisturizing cream with Allantoin that will nourish and regenerate skin cells
  • UV sun-filter Benzophenone protects the skin from premature ageing
  • Leaves hands soft and silky
  • Salon use: Use at the end of your gel treatment. Must not be used during. Great for retail.

Hand & Body Lotion

Available in 500ml

  • A light, fast absorbing Geranium fragranced lotion with hydrating Grape Seed Oil
  • Keeps the skin moisturised, nourished and smooth
  • Contains a UV sun-filter that protects the skin from premature ageing
  • Leaves hands and body soft and silky
  • Salon use: Great retail item as suitable for all skin types

Hand Wash

Available in 100ml & 500ml

Salon use: Technicians and clients must wash their hands with a nail brush before, and after treatments. This is not only hygienic, but will leave their hands and feet feeling soft and fresh

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Over 700 products
listed in one PDF file